Life Made Krystal Clear, LLC provides engaging and pragmatic virtual behavior coaching to develop self management skills in children grades 3 - 6.

Behavior coaching is most effective in conjunction with traditional therapy.

What is Behavior Coaching?

Self Awareness

Self Management

Responsible Decision Making

Evidence based curriculum

used to develop skills in

Social Emotional Skill Building

Practical targeted strategies to effectively address challenging behaviors

Behavior Intervention Strategies

Structured & collaborative problem-solving between the coach and parent

Parent Consultation

Course Offerings

Simplify Complex Process Background. Simple Idea Solution Purpose. Mind Confuse.

Developing Self Awareness & Accountability in children

Your child will develop their ability to correctly identify feelings, behaviors, and connecting consequences.

Skill Development:

  • Self Awareness
  • Self Management
  • Responsible Decision Making

Your child will develop systems and strategies to improve their ability to complete tasks and manage their time more effectively.

Skill Development:

  • Self Awareness
  • Self Management
  • Responsible Decision Making


Coach Krystal

Coach Krystal is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who excels in providing positive and engaging instruction for school aged children.

My years as a school social worker has afforded me the opportunity to grow my skills in researching, delivering, and sharing practical social emotional learning information with both students and families.

Parents appreciate the honest feedback and tools that I provide to help their child effectively understand and express their emotions.

Life Made Krystal Clear

Coaching Includes

1:1 Virtual Coaching &

Parent Consultation

Who: Children ages 8 - 12

What: 30 min. coaching session


15 min. parent consultation

Price: $75 per session

Parent Newsletter

Lesson Overview:

Your child’s lesson explained

Parent Led Support:

Practical application tips of weekly topic

Practice Makes Progress:

Explanation of Weekly Mission

Weekly Mission

Skill building homework assignments in order to build consistency and follo and followw through of learned concepts

Work with

Coach Krystal

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